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Yasamin Shah-Hosseini (Iran)





Yasamin Shah-Hosseini (Iran)
Persian Oud player and instructor

Yasamin Shah-Hosseini is an Iranian artist who aspires to redefine the cultural and stylistic possibilities of her instrument for a new generation. A master of the oud, she is a graduate of the School of Performing Arts at Tehran University, and has trained extensively in the style of traditional Persian music. Yasamin performs frequently within her home country and abroad, and recently released her first solo album, Gahan, a collection of improvisations in traditional Persian modes.

Yasamin was born in Tehran on November 4, 1992. She graduated from Tehran music school and started to learning “Oud” under instruction of her first teacher Mohammad Firouzi In 2005 for six years in Tehran music school. In the following years, she benefited from the guidance of Shahram Gholami and Hossein Behrouzinia and she learned Radif of Persian classical music with Darioush Talaei and Siamak Jahangiri.

Nowadays she is student of undergraduate of music in Tehran university. Yasamin has played for diverse bands of music such as “New music orchestra” (conducted by Alireza Mashayekhi) , Paliz, Avaye Tehran , Tree Ouds ( by Shahram Gholami )and etc… and she has played for many live performances in Iran and many other countries. She has played for several music albums. For instance ” Khayyam and Minamal “ (composed by Pouria Shivafard) , Tree Ouds (composed by Shahram Gholami),“A Journay to the light” ( composed by Hamid Behrouzinia) , Ayyaran (composed by Ahmad Pejman) (in publishing process). Also her Oud solo album ( Gahan) is in publishing process. She has also been the first winner of Oud playing in the first and second festival of music schools , 2005 and 2006 , Tehran , Iran and the first winner of Oud playing in 7th and 8th Youth music festival , 2013 and 2014 , Tehran , Iran.


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